Wedding is the most memorable and exciting event for every couple. Our shipping company provides various rental opportunities for holding a truly enchanting celebration in St. Petersburg. Your special day will be remembered by all of the guests and create the most special memories.

Wedding on the boat is a win-win option for the budget: it is a perfect ability to surprise the guests and make the holiday brighter and richer. We can offer the best prices for rent and the most diverse options:

  • Single-deck boats: the perfect solution for a holiday of a young family in a narrow circle of relatives and close friends. Both the ship cabin and the deck of the ship give a nice amount of space to invite up to 40 guests. The romantic and spectacular views of the city will perfectly complement the intimacy of the event.
  • Double deck boats (like «Neva» and «Moscow») are perfect for holding a wedding with a bridal registration ceremony on the many rivers and channels of St. Petersburg. Newlyweds and guests relax in the most comfortable conditions while assessing the quality of catering and having pure fun.

Shipping company «Neva Travel Company» is the prime owner of all the modern ships presented in the catalog. All of the vessels are kept in perfect condition, being impeccably clean and fully serviceable.

In addition to the direct ship renting, our company is pleased to offer a full range of services for a wedding ceremony in St. Petersburg:

  • Magnificent, unique route. We can make a route taking into account your favorite places and keeping the boat away from the tourist ships cruising.
  • Catering service.
  • Fascinating festive script, pleasant musical arrangement, guest stars performances.

Wedding on a ship in St. Petersburg is the most fascinating and memorable walk along the Neva River.

Rent a ship

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