Hydrofoils to St. Petersburg


The fastest way to return after a walk through the Kingdom of Fountains back to St. Petersburg is along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland. Our hydrofoils will take you to the pier at the Hermitage in comfort and in just half an hour, and along the way you can see St. Petersburg and its surroundings from an unusual perspective and admire the panoramas of the Gulf of Finland.

Tickets for hydrofoils to St. Petersburg can be purchased at the pier of the Lower Peterhof Park, at the ticket booth No.1 and No.7, as well as online, with a 20% discount.

The route is carried out on a hydrofoils.


Schedule for 20 March 2019

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Уважаемые гости! Навигация по данному маршруту в сезоне 2018 года завершена. Приглашаем вас на борт весной 2019!

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