Забытые острова


One of the most impressive water cruises in Saint Petersburg. The route passes in the delta of the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland.

You will pass by the Dvortsovy Bridge, admire the Spit of the Vasilyevsky Island from the water. You will see Elagin Island and Krestovsky Island, where are the summer Imperial Theater, stunning parks and summer palaces.

Further, the ship goes to the Gulf of Finland, where you can enjoy the panorama of St. Petersburg from an unusual perspective and see new city attractions - the 300th anniversary park, the Lakhta Center tower, the St. Petersburg stadium, the new passenger port "Marine Facade" and the Western Speedway Diameter.

Also you will see the ceremonial Petersburg: the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman, the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the cruiser Aurora, the bridges and embankments of the imperial city.

This water excursion along the Neva can be considered one of the most unusual. Excursion "Northern Islands of St. Petersburg" is just that unique excursion, it is not always possible to get there, so do not miss this opportunity during your holidays or vacation!

The route is carried out on two-deck motor ships "Neva".


Schedule for 6 February 2023

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Из-за неблагоприятных погодных условий маршрут может быть заменён на экскурсию «Морская столица»

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