Мосты повисли над Невой


A bright, memorable and interesting night water cruise along the rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg. During the walk passengers will see six drawbridges and enjoy unforgettable views of the night Saint Petersburg.

The center of Saint Petersburg at night is something that is really worth seeing! The sights of the city will appear before you in a frame of magnificent illumination, and the lights, reflected on the surface of the water, will accompany you with a magical atmosphere. Undoubtedly, a night cruise along the rivers of Saint Petersburg can not do without the sight of drawning bridges.

At night Petersburg shows its mysterious sides, reveals what is inaccessible in the daytime. They say that when the full moon appears is in the area of ​​the Peter and Paul Fortress, you can see the swinging boats of Peter the Great's times on the river, and in the water under the Liteiny Bridge, if you're lucky, you can see mermaids and other evil spirits.

The route is carried out on a two-deck ship. You should take with warm clothes, as at night on water in Saint Petersburg it is pretty cool.


Schedule for 10 December 2022

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